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Lately, I’ve seen several articles on making your mark, leaving a legacy,  following your dreams, achieving success, and the like.  But, tonight, I read this verse:  “All men are like grass.  The grass withers and fades like grass, but the word of the Lord lasts forever.”

I confess, I want to achieve immortality, to find that thing that I will be remembered for centuries after I have passed.  I think it stems from the fear of living a meaningless or forgettable life, that my existence will be forgotten after a generation, or two, if I’m lucky.

Then, what is the point?  Why am I here?  What purpose does my existence serve?  I want to be remembered, to be celebrated, to be referred to long after I am gone.  I want to have done something that matters enough to be worth preserving and passing down from generation.

However, only a select few get that honor (or stigma). The great majority of humanity simply lived their lives, died, and were remembered no more.  Their only contribution was to the days they inhabited, and it was enough for most of them.  Can that be enough for me, too?

As I reflected further on the verse, I (re)discovered this truth: only God’s Word is eternal.  Only Jesus matters.  I am here to bring glory to God.  Every day that I live is significant for eternity if I live according to that standard.  If my daily interactions reflect something of Christ- to my children, my neighbors, the cashier at the local grocery store- I will be sowing a see, potentially leaving a legacy for generations to come.  Can that be enough for me?  I’d like to think so.

If, by some chance, my name is remembered beyond my children’s children, well then, that is just icing on the cake.  But, to meet another person in Heaven, because I lived for Christ’s glory and not my own, is the greatest honor I can hope to achieve.  That is something to live for.