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I am addicted to Walgreen’s Christmas clearance candy.  I feel like if I don’t get this problem under control, I’ll never get back on track with anything.  I mean, food is such an important part of who we are and how we are.  If I keep fueling with sugar, I won’t have the resources I need to accomplish all of the goals I am trying to set for this year.

I keep trying to balance the inordinate consumption of chocolate and other minty goodness with my regular, healthy options.  I still eat my Ancient Grains with chia seeds, walnuts and almond milk for breakfast.  I make healthy, vegetable-based dinners, and try to find something reasonable for lunch, but it is no use.  The truth is that I am consuming far more sugar calories in each day than nutrient-dense foods.  As I write this, I am practically inhaling this new Brach’s product that you all must try.  My mom brought them over, and my first thought was, “Gross.”  Now, they are a new favorite, of which I have many when it comes to sweets.

You should see me have conversations with my kids throughout the year about candy, as they sift through their 4th of July candy bags or their Christmas party hauls or birthday party goodie bags.  Someone will say, “I really like xyz,”  and I’ll respond, “Oh, those were my favorite when I was a kid!”  Only, I think I’ve said that at least once about every candy (except for Mounds- yuck to the coconut!- or those cinnamon hard candies) that has ever passed through our door.  It’s the same with sugar cereals.  Now, it’s a bit of a joke that everything is my favorite; I even catch myself and tease myself about it when I say it.  I have been a sugar junkie all my life, it seems.

Oh, but don’t let me forget to tell you what this amazing new candy is!  They are Brach’s Peppermint Creme Jelly Candy Candy Canes, and they come in a white 18 oz bag.  They are adorable little, gummy, peppermint candy canes, and I can’t stop eating them.  I just bought another bag today.Early 2015 068

The way this post is going, I think the sugar has officially kicked in!  I also ate chocolate cake and one-third of a large Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate bar today.  Actually, today was a pretty good day.  I was really trying to be good, until I bought those candy canes, that is.

The important issue here is goal-setting.  That’s what everyone is doing right now with the start of the new year.  For me, it’s almost not even about the goals, though; it’s just trying to tie up all the dangling loose ends, which continue to unravel from this sweater called life.

I did make some headway last night and today.  I got our expenses ledger up to date, I found a dentist that takes our insurance and made appointments for all of our children, I ordered a new battery for this laptop (it’s not much of a laptop when you have to keep it plugged into an outlet 100% of the time), I completed a registration form for a summer camp my son wants to attend (which will save us $50 for sending it in early), and I folded and put away four loads of laundry (of course, there’s nearly another four loads on the basement floor now).

I also printed out new copies of a blogging planner and a favorite goal-setting workbook, both designed by Ruth Soukup of LivingWellSpendingLess.com.  She’s wonderful, and she has a new book out that did quite well its first week- top 10 on the Amazon Bestseller list:  Living Well, Spending Less:  The 12 Secrets of the Good Life.  Check it out!

Well, I guess I’m not too far gone after all.  And, tomorrow, I get to start all over again.  I just need to keep all of my treats stashed on the top shelf of the cupboards, where they are too hard to reach.