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Writing prompt: What accomplishments am I proud of from this year?

It is my natural tendency to only see failure in myself.  I may start to find the good, but I quickly squash it with reminders of all the bad surrounding it.  However, I am choosing to be positive right now, to think on the good and lay the bad aside (for it may be tomorrow’s writing prompt!)

I am proud of having performed in not one but two plays this year.  The second one was for our church’s Christmas Eve service; it was my first acting role at church (I hope it’s not my last!)  I also have another show coming up in February.

I am proud of somewhat successfully transitioning to a new gym and going semi-regularly, even though there are no classes or any real social dynamic to help motivate me.  Most of my workouts start before 6:00am, which I am also proud of.

This year, I saw the fruits of my labor, so to speak, in developing a more vegetable-based diet for my family. We have reached the point where the children no longer complain about being served vegetable stir fries, vegetable soups, etc.  They even enjoy them from time to time.

I haven’t written consistently, but I have made time to write, both reflectively and recreationally.  I’ve also had the honor of writing for our quarterly publication at church.  I feel like I am discovering what it means to be a writer instead of just wishing I was one.

I’m proud of how I am handling some difficult  family issues.  I stumble and fall back into painful patterns here and there, but, overall, I am proud of where I am in a particular relationship.   There is a lot of room for growth, but, with prayer, my husband’s wise counsel, and others’ encouragement, I believe I can continue to make strides in the right direction.

Here’s a silly one:  I am proud of coloring my own hair and finally, actually covering all of the gray!  I always miss an area right around my face, but this time, I got all of it and a nice color besides.

I am proud of being content (is that an oxymoron?) with my malnourished wardrobe.  I took the 40 hanger challenge late last year, and I have succeeded and then some.  I am also proud of allowing myself to enjoy pink again.  I only have one  thing, but it was a breakthrough after  deciding that I should be wearing mostly neutral/autumnal colors.   I like pink, and I am going to wear it and enjoy it!

Hmm, I want to come up with something meaningful to be proud of, but I am coming up short in the areas of home-making, homeschooling, mothering, spiritual discipline, and commendable wifely attributes.

I did make it to 40 this year, though, and  I realized that I have met many of my long-held dreams and goals-maybe not in the way I envisioned, but I can proud of my accomplishments, humble as they are.