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Well, there’s nothing like feeling unwell to follow up a great birthday.  I’ve been achy with a sore throat for two days now.  The achy-ness may just be the result of that free personal training session yesterday, but I took a “personal morning” in bed this morning and let the kids fend for themselves while I slept in (you know,  until 7:30 am) and then read Francine Rivers’ latest novel, Bridge to Haven until 10:00 am.

I am impressed with my children, who managed their weekend jobs quite well with only verbal instruction from me (from my bed, reading,  of course).  You know, I don’t feel guilty about that at all, and I see that as a sign of personal growth.  It felt good to do something that may have looked completely selfish and unjust because I needed to put myself first for a little bit.

Between blogging too late at night, working out three days in a row (after a week’s hiatus), creating a memorable, meaningful and happy birthday (which involves a lot of emotional control), and dealing with some crazy kids and mom issues (which also involve a lot of emotional control, some of which I totally maintained, then totally lost yesterday), I pretty much maxed myself out.

Despite the sore throat, I managed to have a productive afternoon,  assembling and cooking three soups from scratch (cauliflower chowder, which we had for dinner, hamburger vegetable soup, and black bean chili).  I still have a refrigerator full of CSA vegetables, though, so I have a few more soups planned for tomorrow and Monday (potato leek soup, by Jamie Oliver,  a turnip, cauliflower and potato soup, and broccoli cauliflower soup).

Just an aside about the broccoli cauliflower soup:  It takes a fair amount of milk,  and I try to limit my dairy intake. In the past year or so, I switched over to almond milk for my morning Ancient Grains cereal (embellished with chopped walnuts, chia seeds and craisins, if you’re interested) and water for my beverage of choice.  I am always a bit wary of eating the dairy-rich broccoli cauliflower soup,  so one night I experimented with almond milk.  Several people say that they substitute almond milk in their cooking and like it.  Let me just say, even I couldn’t finish my bowl.  My family made me promise never to torture them again by destroying their beloved soup with almond milk, and I readily agreed.  It is now one of the top three worst meals ever along with pumpkin soup and- oh, what is that other meal?  I hope I don’t accidentally make it:)


At any rate, we finished up the day with a family movie night featuring The Lion King (Dave’s choice).  Pretzels and half cups of grape soda were the special treat.  

Can I admit that I have only seen this movie one other time and that it is not a favorite of mine?  I hope that’s okay, because I know it’s like the best, highest grossing Disney movie of all time, or something.   I will also say that I did actually enjoy watching it with my kids and watching my kids connect emotionally with the terrible loss (don’t want to give anything away if somehow one of you haven’t seen it).  Poor Skyler took it pretty hard, but a few pretzels later, she seemed to have recovered.  We made a game of hiding behind the blanket together at the end, so she wouldn’t be too traumatized.   

Now, the house is quiet once more, except for Dave’s occasional deep laugh from the basement,  where he is watching a show, and Skyler’s soft,  rhythmic breathing beside me, as I finish both waiting for her to fall asleep and writing this post.

I have an article due next week, so I may take a day or two off to get it done.  Don’t worry, I’ll be back:)

Good night.