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It was one of those days where nothing went as expected.  Last night, my son went to bed with a rash resembling chicken pox and woke up with the same.  So, I kept him home.  Only, he never got itchy, which left us wondering what in the world was happening to him.  He felt fine but looked awful, so we quarantined him in the corner of the living room until the doctor’s appointment at 2:45pm.

Then, my sister-in-law called, and we agreed to an impromptu visit today, after not seeing each other for nearly three years.  Between running around school, making arrangements for the visit, scheduling a doctor’s appointment and talking with the nurse, and attempting some schoolwork, the morning quickly disappeared.

My sister-in-law and her children arrived, and we had a lovely visit.  She brought us a kit of Natural Living essential oils, which I have heard a lot about but not gotten involved with.  I am super excited to try them out and so blessed by her generosity!  Our children played uproariously together, which is a good sign that they were enjoying each other, and Dave, Laura and I got to share about our lives and activities over the past year.


Then, there were the hurried goodbyes, as I rushed out to pick up my other son and gather the mysterious rash boy’s schoolwork for the week (just in case).  Swinging into the driveway, I traded one boy for the other, and off we went across the street to the doctor’s office, where we discovered that no, he didn’t have the chicken pox or German measles.  Just a case of an adverse immune reaction to the antibiotic he’s been taking for strep throat (sigh of relief).

Now, here we sit at our laptops: I am blogging (obviously), and he is attempting to complete a huge book talk presentation that is due tomorrow, only he thought it was due Thursday (hurray)!  I think he’s found something workable to format it into, and he may actually be ready, which seems like a miracle to me.  But, I was always known to pull off those last minute masterpieces when I was in school, too.

Just another day in the life of the Wiley’s.  My husband makes fun of me because I am always saying how today was an unusual day, but when you have a household of seven, everyday is unusual in it’s own way.

However, there is a peacefulness to this day, despite all of the craziness, that I haven’t experienced for awhile.  Maybe it’s the steady rain and gray sky amidst the flaming fall colors. I’ve found that there are rainy days that depress and rainy days that calm; today is the latter, and I am thankful for it.  Thankful also that my son won’t miss a week of school, and thankful for his teachers who prepared his work for the week and care about his well-being.  Thankful for my sister-in-law, who has loved on our family in such a practical way, and thankful for my husband, who made our lunchtime with her and the kids such fun with all our favorite foods.  Today is a good day.