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After signing off yesterday, I got up, took care of the dishes and a few other household messes, put a load of laundry in, and then sat down for over an hour to plan and prepare a week’s worth of lessons for my first grader.  I now have daily folders assembled with an assignment sheet and the corresponding worksheets and books to work from.

After that, the day progressed somewhat normally- eating lunch, picking up the older boys from school, reading books to children, making tacos, cleaning up, reading some more, and going through the bedtime routine.  I must have been truly tired, though, since I nearly fell asleep at 8:00, and finally made it to bed by 9:00.

Today, all the preparation paid off.  It was such a productive school morning, and my son completed three times the amount of schoolwork I usually give him in the same amount of time.  By 10:00, he was done with everything, and we were able to have some free time, lunch, and then head out to visit my aunt at her new apartment, pick up a few things at Walgreens, and collect our box of vegetables from the CSA at our friends’ house, where the kids played outside and I got to catch up with my girlfriend (and get a belated birthday gift- a beautiful scarf).

Then we picked up the boys and came home, where I unloaded the CSA box, made kale chips for the first time (my kids devoured the first tray-“I can’t stop eating them,” said my eight-year old- unbelievable!), hard boiled eggs for tomorrow’s lunches, heated up Monday’s leftovers, and roasted some beets for tomorrow.

Again, I am really tired, but I figured I’d better get down here, and give the quick (and probably uninspiring) update for my daily post commitment in November.  All in all, it was a good day.  Just an interview for an article scheduled for tonight at 8:00 (I hope I don’t fall asleep!), and I can turn in for the night.