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Okay, I am three days short already, but starting today, I am committing to one post per day for the month of November.

This is a difficult day to begin, as Mondays are my least productive day each week.  I don’t know, it’s not like the weekend is especially busy for me, but starting off a new week stymies me, and I seem to accomplish nothing on Mondays.

I need a plan to get myself going and not waste this day.  If I do laundry and complete any baking I need for the week ahead (for lunches, desserts, breads, etc.), that would accomplish a lot.

Having my home school area and materials ready to go would also help provide a seamless structure to our Mondays.  I am always stalling and scrambling to get the kids to the table, to get myself functionally ready for the day.  A shower always helps, as it prompts me to get dressed, something that rarely happens before noon on Mondays.

It is true that, if I am at rest, I will tend to remain that way.  I have to GET UP and MOVE.  Put dishes away, sweep the floor, clean off the counters and table, spruce up the bathroom, make my bed, throw that load of laundry in.  Just a bit of scooting around my house should perk up my momentum to launch into school for the day.

Maybe, some morning music- upbeat or inspirational- will engage my mind and body, too.

Just writing all of these ideas is getting me motivated!  I think I’m going to get out of my chair, and get going on the day; it’s only 11:00am, after all, and I’m already showered and dressed.  Until tomorrow . . .