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After my first week of blogging, I decided to take a break and do some research on blogging and how to be successful at it.  Well, I nearly feel like an expert on the topic after reading all the books and e-books at my immediate disposal.  Except, I can’t officially come up with my own blog brand/theme.  This is such a crucial step, finding the perfect domain name and tag line for my blog, that I can’t hardly get past it.  I have several ideas, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger.

Wait, I hear you saying.  Aren’t you writing on your blog right now?  Well, yes, but this is my trial blog, the free one I am using to see if I can actually blog consistently.  I guess I’m not very consistent yet, since I have only blogged five times in 10 days.  I am planning to start a blog under a self-hosted domain that will hopefully make our family some money in the future.  The typical themes I have considered feel overrun:  frugal living, motherhood, organized living, etc.  So, I have tried to branch out and consider how brand myself in a unique way that will draw readers.

In Angel’s Laws of Blogging, Angel Laws, creator of Concrete Loop.com, recommends listing five things I am interested in or passionate about, and seeing if I can creatively link a couple of them together for a fresh approach.  Robert Pagliarini, in The Other 8 Hours, advises that I assess how I am spending the eight free hours outside of sleep and work (for the typical 9-5 employee, which I am not), then find ways to use those eight hours to intentionally pursue dreams, get out of debt/make money, and live a meaningful life.  Specifically, in regards to blogging, he gives eight rules, two of which are to focus on a niche and to create a brand.

It is a sad day when you can’t identify your true passions.  I have this problem, not just with regard to creating a blog, but also with daily decisions.  I have a terrible time deciding where to eat, what to watch, how to best use my time, etc.  What do I really like?  What am I good at?  Where does my passion lie?  “Everything”, “Nothing”, “I don’t know” come to mind as pretty typical answers.  I feel like I know about a lot of things and I am interested in a lot of topics, but I don’t have any special qualifications in any one area, and I don’t have time to be passionate with five kids.  I am just surviving each day.

I do love to write, though.  And, I love encouraging people.  And, I love taking a topic and reading exhaustively about it.  So, I am working on a way to incorporate those three things together in a way that appeals to others.  It’s a start.