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Local Little Free Library

Local Little Free Library

Each day, after I pick up my two boys from school, we pass this lovely sight:  the Little Free Library, posted in someone’s front yard.  I have seen them on other streets, in other front yards, but now that it is on my daily route, I finally stopped, took a picture and peeked inside.  Not much there for my reading enjoyment today, but there were a few children’s books that I knew my kids would be interested in.  The funny thing about this charming box is that it is located just a few blocks from our public library and the new library being constructed alongside it.  Why would one participate in this tiny, free exchange enterprise when a nearly limitless one resides within walking distance?  There is a certain vulnerability that comes from walking onto a stranger’s property, taking a book from the box and offering one in return.  Yet, the delightful decoration on the side, welcoming glass front, and refreshingly limited selection have a curious appeal.  Today, I plan to take part in this community effort to encourage reading among its constituents, both young and old.  Perhaps, one day, a Little Free Library will grace my own front yard; I would consider it an honor.

For more information about this organization or to order your own Little Free Library materials , please visit http://www.littlefreelibrary.org.

Do you have a Little Free Library in your neighborhood?  Have you participated in this literature exchange?  Include a picture if you can; it is fun to see how each owner personalizes their box.  And, keep reading:)